Quality of Life for Latter-stage Elderly Persons and Community Quality

In various fields the concept of Quality of Life (QOL) is deemed to be an important outcome and many methods of conceptualizing QOL and developing measurement techniques are being advanced. However, there is a great diversity among elderly persons and it is therefore extremely difficult to find a comprehensive method that will guarantee QOL for all. In particular, in theories and measurements relating to QOL for aged persons implemented to date, the QOL has not been well researched or understood for many elderly persons who are now living in what has come to be termed “latter-stage elderly” life, and who face various barriers, illnesses and increasing infirmity. This project aims to conceptualize QOL in a way that includes latter-stage elderly people and to create indices for measuring QOL. The project will not merely concentrate on elderly persons, but will also engage in research on the QOL of families and communities with elderly persons.