Industry-Academia Consortium

In the latter half of the 20th century Japan witnessed an astonishing growth in life expectancy, with the average life-span growing by 30 years. This growth has made Japan the country with the longest life-span throughout the world, and in the next 20 years the number of people over 75 years of age, termed as “latter-stage elderly” is expected to grow rapidly, doubling to over 10 million people. Japan is therefore facing the issues associated with an aging society ahead of any other country in the world. The current social systems and living environment that were created to respond to an era in which the national demographic was a pyramid shape, dominated by younger people is now unable to cope with the needs of a society with many latter-stage elderly people. New needs will create new industries. We have established a consortium that will determine the challenges that are being faced based on an accurate and multi-faceted understanding of the lifestyle of a long-lived society and its associated needs. With this information the consortium will aim to plan and innovate through specific cooperative activities, and establish interdisciplinary scientific activities towards the realization of a secure and dynamic long-lived society. The corporations participating in the consortium represent many industries and vigorous discussion is underway.

PLAN (April 1, 2009 – March 31, 2011)

Year Plan
YEAR ONE Overview of the broad sectors gerontology covers, with all members participating in a workshop.
YEAR TWO Participants will be split into various areas (Working Groups (WG)), with each WG seeking the most advanced knowledge, technologies and needs in each area. The envisaged WG will include the following: “Housing and Communities,” “Health and Nutrition,” “Peace of Mind and Security for the Aged,” “Mobility,” and “Nursing and Care.” Proposals from other industries will also be accepted.
YEAR THREE Creation of joint research